Commission status: Open for streaming assets (limited slots)

Hello! This is where you can find information about our vtuber models, stream assets and art commissions. If you want to be a vtuber or improve your graphics, you can count on us!** this website might look a bit weird on mobile, we're sorry!

About us

Hello! We are Hana and Risa, vtubing enthusiasts from Chile. We've been together for a couple years and now work together providing assets and models for vtubers around the world.
Hana is the artist of the duo, and the one in charge of making twitch assets, drawing and texturing models. Risa communicates with clients, rigs our models and takes care of the accessories, fixes and mesh modification for our 3d models. We are also vtubers ourselves and have our own spanish speaking YouTube channel called Hanachi Channel, where we make videos as Hanachi and Risa.

Terms & Conditions

○ Main payment method is paypal. Commissions over $150 USD can be paid in 2 halves: half of the total amount at the beginning of the order and the second half to receive the files. We also accept orders via payhip (in case you don't use paypal) for an extra $20 fee.○Prices shown in this website only apply for individuals, not for companies or businesses. Prices for companies/businesses have to be discussed separately.○Please not that once we send the first update containing work done by either Hana or Risa, the previously stipulated down payment is NOT refundable. We don't offer refunds unless we haven't sent the first update in more than 4 business days or in case we can't proceed with your commission.We only accept orders via form and email. Please fill out the form in the contact section or email [email protected] directly if you're interested. WE DO NOT USE DISCORD OR TWITTER DMS, if you contact us via discord or twitter we might reply but all communication after confirming the interest of commissioning must be done via email or form.○ Hana's partner Risa communicates with clients through the commission process. She will never be rude and will do her best to communicate in a clear manner, so we expect the same treatment from clients as well.○Hana and Risa work on several commissions at once, so there might be delays, but we promise to provide constant updates. Please be patient and understanding, we're doing our best :(○Streaming Assets must be credited to Misfitworks @mechokkucity on twitter, somewhere in your credits description (on twitter or twitch).○We reserve the right to post the commission on social media after discussing the date with the client. If the client doesn't provide a date estimate, we will reserve the right to post our work 5 months after the commission has been delivered. Private commission fee will be half the price of the original commission.○ We only provide a service and don't have any responsibility over the content of the client.○ That said, we reserve the right to deny a commission request if we consider the content of the potential client is offensive in any way or doesn’t align with the image and values of MisfitWorks, or in case we don’t have commissions open.○ When commissions are closed, we can still give some special slots to frequent clients. That depends on our availability.○ Please specify the concept for the vtuber that will use the assets, as well as provide the necessary references (if there are any)Delivery times can vary depending on the current slots taken and our availability, but they’re generally between a week and a month after order is paid. In extreme cases, it might take 2 months. We will let you know in case the delivery time increases. 3D MODELS and LIVE2D might take around 3 months, complex 3D Models might take between 1- 6 months . We suggest not taking too long to reply to our updates so we can avoid taking longer than expected for the commission.Using any of these assets for NFT or AI related things (such as NFT, NFT promotion, machine learning data) is also forbiddenFor 3d models and Live2D*:
○Reselling the model without waiting for our explicit approval is prohibited. In case we allow it, the price for it can't exceed the amount paid for the commission.
○We reserve the right to showcase the model and show it on our portfolio (after discussing the date with the client or 5 months after the commission has been delivered)
○Copyright of the model still belongs to MisfitWorks, but you're allowed to use it for commercial purposes (streaming, merch, etc). What you CAN'T do is reselling it without notifying us and waiting for our approval.
○Separation of the model for live2d use by anyone other than Hana (in case of pngtubers) is prohibited.Using any of these assets for NFT related things (such as NFT or NFT promotion) is also forbidden.

Streaming Assets

*please read Terms&Conditions before ordering.


Standard Package: $60USD

*includes a logo concept presentation, simplified monochrome versions, up to 3 revisions + the logo files in .png and layered .psd format.

(SET OF 2)

Standard Package: $80USD

*includes overlay concept presentation with some different options for the chatbox and other elements, up to 3 revisions + the final files and elements in high res .png and layered .psd format.



Set of 5: $55USD

High resolution .png files + an extra blank one (total: 6 files)


$15 USD each

High resolution and smaller size
.png files


Live2D rigging will no longer be available as Risa wants to focus on 3D models for now.
Hana can communicate and work with your rigger in case they need it.


Half-body: $128 USD
Full-body: $168 USD

PNGTUBER (without separation or .psd file) 50% off the live2d art price
Extra expression element: $15 USD / Extra Animation Prop: $20 USD
Character Design from scratch: $90 USD
Base price includes optional character design.


Includes character design, 2D reference sheet (front, back).
3D VRoid head, body and outfit base mesh, with mesh modifications and
accessories made in Blender.

*please read Terms&Conditions before ordering.

Price: $500 USD fixed price.

-3d Model will be based on our own artstyle and character reference sheet. If you want a model based on your own 2D reference, you can find the prices on another section (check homepage)-2D references include character design, but it's optional and we can adapt an existing design to Hana's artstyle.-Delivery time: 1 month - 1 month and a half (assuming communication with the client is fast and there's no need for heavy modifications to the design)-Number of accessories must be moderate in number and complexity in order to achieve a fast turnaround of the model. Keep this in mind. Check the images on this page to get an idea.-Delivery of the model: .vrm and/or vsfavatar file, we don't deliver vroid files anymore because the final models usually have a lot of modifications after the base is exported from VRoid.-Commercial use for vtubing is included in the price.-2D reference can also be converted to Live2D art for an additional $100.


-Lolicon/shotacon characters (children designs are accepted as long as they aren't sexualized)
-Complex animal characters (kemono and kemonomimi are accepted)
-Complex armor
-Elderly characters


VRoid head, body and outfit base mesh, with mesh modifications and extra accessories or clothing.

*please read Terms&Conditions before ordering.

Price: $350 USD+ base price
(for a simple model. Price can increase depending on complexity and number of accessories needed)

-Models can be in our own style or imitating a front-facing 2D reference. We can also modify the mesh to make the model proportions look similar to the reference. We prefer T or A posed 2D references for easier understanding of the shapes.-In case we're following a reference we'll do our best to make it look as similar as possible, but overly detailed art styles or patterns might be difficult to replicate or translate into 3D. Keep this in mind when commissioning.-Delivery of the model: .vrm and/or vsfavatar file, we don't deliver vroid files anymore because the final models usually have a lot of modifications after the base is exported from VRoid.-Delivery time: 1-3 months (for less complex models), around 6 months for very complex or challenging models -Texture source files might be messy aesthetically, but will be 100% functional and won't affect the external look of the model.-Commercial use for vtubing is included in the price.


-Lolicon/shotacon characters (children designs are accepted as long as they aren't sexualized)
-Complex animal characters (kemono and kemonomimi are accepted)
-Complex armor
-Elderly characters


Can be commissioned for our own models or any model in .vrm format.

(depending on complexity)

Offered and handled by Risa. Can be applied to our own VRoid Models or any other model in .vrm format. Mostly for use in VSeeFace.


Only 1 character per image
Read terms & conditions before ordering:



You can apply for a commission slot by filling out and submitting the following form (we will reply in a maximum of 2 business days):

You can also send an email directly to [email protected]