$350 USD+ base price
(for a simple model. Price can increase depending on complexity and number of accessories needed)
-Lolicon/shotacon characters (children designs are accepted as long as they aren't sexualized)
-Complex animal characters (kemono and kemonomimi are accepted)
-Complex armor
-Elderly characters

-Models can be in our own style or imitating a front-facing 2D reference. We can also modify the mesh to make the model proportions look similar to the reference.
- We prefer T or A posed 2D references for easier understanding of the shapes.
-In case we're following a reference we'll do our best to make it look as similar as possible, but overly detailed art styles or patterns might be difficult to replicate or translate into 3D. Keep this in mind when commissioning.
-Delivery of the model: .vrm and/or vsfavatar file, we don't deliver vroid files anymore because the final models usually have a lot of modifications after the base is exported from VRoid.
-Delivery time: 1-3 months (for less complex models), around 6 months or more for very complex or challenging models
-Texture source files might be messy aesthetically, but will be 100% functional and won't affect the external look of the model.
-Commercial use for vtubing is included in the price.

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