$500 USD fixed price.
Includes character design, 2D reference sheet (front, back).
3D VRoid head, body and outfit base mesh, with mesh modifications and
accessories made in Blender.
*please read Terms&Conditions before ordering.
-Lolicon/shotacon characters (children designs are accepted as long as they aren't sexualized)
-Complex animal characters (kemono and kemonomimi are accepted)
-Complex armor
-Elderly characters

-3d Model will be based on our own artstyle and character reference sheet. If you want a model based on your own 2D reference, you can find the prices on another section (check homepage)
-2D references include character design, but it's optional and we can adapt an existing design to Hana's artstyle.
-Delivery time: 3 months (assuming communication with the client is fast and there's no need for heavy modifications to the design)
-Number of accessories must be moderate in number and complexity in order to achieve a fast turnaround of the model. Keep this in mind. Check the images on this page to get an idea.
-Delivery of the model: .vrm and/or vsfavatar file, we don't deliver vroid files anymore because the final models usually have a lot of modifications after the base is exported from VRoid.
-Commercial use for vtubing is included in the price.
-2D reference can also be converted to Live2D art for an additional $100.

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